CUFH-Naguru Senior Management Receives Training on iHMIS Managerial Module

The director, administrators and members of management of China- Uganda Friendship Hospital in Naguru-Kampala have been freshly trained by the Integrated Intelligent Computer System (IICS Technologies) scientists. The half day training was conducted by Mr. Solomon Ssendigiya; the iHMIS project Manager and three other Change Management Officers.

The managerial dashboard is a new modification in the Integrated Health Management Information System (iHMIS), developed for managers and administrators of health facilities to simplify their supervisory roles.

This particular module according to Mr. Ssendigiya, is a timely source of information, an adept decision making aide, a real-time performance management tool, and gives an in-depth insight of the health facility at first glance.

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    Automation of the health sector, hospitals administrators and staff start user training and implementation.

    Automation of the health sector, hospitals administrators and staff start user training and implementation.

    A team of twenty two (22) Information Technology scientists has been dispatched to conduct both fresh and refresher training for the Integrated Health Management Information System (iHMIS). The training will be conducted by a team from theIntegrated Intelligent Computer System which developed the iHMIS. iHMIS helps track medicine usage, records management, monitors attendance of medical workers among others.

    The system has since been deployed in ten (10) regional hospitals-namely- Moroto, Soroti, Gulu, Hoima, FortPortal, Mbarara, Kabale, Masaka, and Naguru China-Uganda Friendship Hospital.

    Government through Ministry of health approved deployment of the system as a means to increase efficiency in public hospitals and health centres, making it possible for government to cut unnecessary health expenditures. This was mainly realized from unmeasured supply of medicine resulting sometimes into wastage because of expiration. It on the other hand saves the hospital administration from under requesting for medicine as the system automatically sends an alert based on the previous requests and usage.

    The system keeps track of the patient’s medical record and it can be retrieved anywhere where the system is deployed in case the patient changed a hospital of treatment.

    Saving the masses further from the inconvenience of carrying their records in an exercise book at every hospital visit.

    The two groups-one already in the field comprises of ‘Change and Deployment/ and the ‘Infrastructure team’, which is responsible for putting up hardware and connection of necessary equipment for the seamless installation.

    At the end of the field refresher training, the ten hospitals will have achieved significant strides for example, going paperless among others. This is largely because there is capacity to capture patients’ records, prescription history and the total end to end operations of the hospital, on the automated system, thus saving both patients and hospital administrators from possible loss of physical records and also cutting costs from paper purchase, among others.

    This strategic intervention is a major tool for hospital administrators and the communities.

    About the IICS

    The Integrated Intelligent Computer Systems (IICS) Technologies is an initiative of Government of Uganda. It started as a research project in 2010 under the supervision of Uganda National Council for Science and Technology. IICS currently dedicates their efforts towards engineering software systems to support Uganda's Health sector, implement Change Management, provide basic ICT skills to health workers, train system users, support users both at their locations and remotely, and also carry out regular system maintenance and upgrade.

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    Press Release September 6th

    Press Release

    September 6, 2021

    “The Integrated Health Facility Management system (iHMIS) is another E-government project”, PS-ICT

    As Government continues to automate services, the PS-MoICT Dr. Aminah Zawedde has said that the IHMIS, a Government of Uganda initiative health monitoring system is part of the E-Government program whose implementation will improve services in the health sector.

    The PS made the remarks while meeting the project implementer of the ICT based system-Dr. Silver Kiyimba in Kampala. iHMIS, is a collection of software components representing different business processes carried out in a health facility. Now under the Ministry of ICT and NG and working directly with the ministry of health, iHMIS was designed by a team of Ugandan Scientists as part of the wider Integrated Intelligent Computer System (IICS).

    It supports management functions both at the local, district and national level and has so far been deployed in over 10 Regional Referral hospitals with over 60 general hospitals and health centre IVs scheduled to have the same by end of this financial year.

    The automated system helps to curb drug theft in health centres, monitors health worker attendance, manages medical records and, tracks expiry of drugs among others. In one pilot study done at Mulago National Referral Hospital, a number of achievements were realized, among which were reduction of expired of medicines from worth about UGX 110 million to UGX 200,000. The pilot study also led to increase in accountability of medicines and medical supplies from around 38% to 80%, reduction in unnecessary over-ordering of certain drug volumes like the case of sodium Chloride which was reduced from around 2,000 cartons a month to slightly below 800 cartons a month.


    For more information, contact the Principal Investigator-IICS on email

    Tel: +256 414 501330, +256 414 501 331.

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    We must automate and digitize the Health Sector and set new performance targets

    "We must automate and digitize the Health Sector and set new performance targets, Health" PS Diana Atwine

    Sept.14, 2021

    The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health-Dr.Diana Atwine has this afternoon met with the team from Integrated Intelligent Computer System (IICS) that is implementing the automotive Integrated Health Monitoring Information System (iHMIS).

    The team, led by the Principal Investigator-Dr.Silver Kiyimba briefed her on the progress of the system that has so far been installed in 10 Regional Referral Hospitals and is set to automate 66 more health facilities this year. 

    IHMIS-under the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance is a Government of Uganda-Initiative intended to automate and digitize the health system. It monitors timely interface with hospital administrators and other users, tracks attendance, monitors drug stocks and patient-doctor consultation time and alerts the hospital Management on key issues as expiry of drugs or requisition of new stock while enforcing accountability-among others. 

    The Permanent Secretary cautioned on low user-ability and adaptability by some of the Hospital administrators who she said, must adapt to the digital change without fail.

    "Solutions of our health system will be solved by a much needed smarter process, and therefore this system is not optional" she added. This is after the IICS technical team had ably demonstrated which hospital teams had adapted to the digital usage.  Last week, 22 young scientists were sent to the field to retrain hospital administrators and staff on effective usage of the system.

    "Help me transform the sector. This is my dream; this is the dream of our country, to have better services for all. We must therefore put a new performance target with evidence based tangible results", added Dr. Diana Atwine. 

    Present at the meeting was the Director General-Ministry of Health, Dr.Henry Mwebesa and other officials who joined in from the field on zoom. IICS is supported by NITA-U and Ministry of Health. 


    For more information, call *IICS technologies* on 0414501330 or 0414501331



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