Soroti Regional Referral Hospital affirms commitment to be the outstanding user of the Integrated Hospital Management Information System (iHMIS)

The management of Soroti Regional Referral Hospital has vowed to be the supreme executor of the Integrated Hospital Management Information System in their hospital business processes. This, they affirmed during a Monitoring and Evaluation engagement meeting with the management of the Integrated Intelligent Computer Systems (IICS Technologies), the computer scientists who researched, engineered, developed and are implementing the system in all government health facilities. 

Dr. Watmon Ben the Director of Soroti Regional Referral hospital, who had been transferred to the health facility from Moroto regional referral hospital a fortunate ago, was excited to establish that the current statistics placed his facility on top of the rest in which the iHMIS had been deployed.

The system that was deployed in Soroti in April 2021 has since realized sublime progress in its usage and their regular feedback to the IICS Technologies team has facilitated systematic and suitable modifications of the modules by the IICS Technology team. 

Inadequate hardware, owing to the large size of the hospital and intermittent network failure are some of the eminent challenges the health facility encounters. However, the Principal Clinical Officer Dr Barmas Henry who in his submission stated iHMIS had so far brought forth much relief of the tedious manual capturing of data on paper by introducing an electronic patient record creation, downplayed the challenges as meager compared to the enormous efficiencies the system brings about. He further reiterated that iHMIS had progressively improved and that the, hospital had recorded substantial gains. 

“One of the advantages is that our physicians are able to know their patients, track and monitor all their journey throughout the facility, yet previously one had to do so manually by allocating one of the staff members to follow them around.” remarked the Principal Clinical Officer. 

The Managing Director of IICS Technologies Dr Silver Kiyemba made it clear that the effort to hold the monitoring and evaluation arrangement was to understand from the facilities what has worked and also bring to light some of the hindrances users encounter with the system.  “We are here to among other things explore the possibility of piloting going paperless and highly performing hospitals mentoring others, as well as the possibility of creating avenues in which health facilities share success stories enabling them to always learn from each other,” said Dr. Kiyemba.

Dr. Silver Kiyemba also said that the process of integrating the Integrated Hospital Management Information System (iHMIS) with the National Identification and Registration Authority is in advanced stages and once completed will resolve all issues related to data entry. Once a patient approaches the registration point their National ID details are entered into the system or their fingerprints are scanned in case they forgot theirNational Identification Number (NIN) and the system will seamlessly retrieve accurate details from the National Identification Register.  

Other engagements were held at Iganga General Hospital and Mbale Regional Referral Hospital in which experiences were shared and acknowledged.