Itojo, Bwera and Iganga General Hospitals embrace iHMIS deployment

The directors, Administrators and other hospital staff of Itojo, Bwera and Iganga General Hospitals have expressed joy and passion over deployment of the Integrated Health Management Information System (iHMIS).  It was exhibited during simultaneous trainings of the different system modules carried out by three parallel teams on site.

All the three health facilities attract quite a number of patients averaging to 200 on a daily basis. Automation of their services will provide an avenue for the patient’s best experience throughout the hospital journey.

Time spent during, registration, triaging, clinical consultation and the process of dispensing medicine among other functions will drastically reduce.  And members of the public are forecast to receive satisfactory management during their hospital visits.

When operationalized the Integrated Health Management Information System (iHMIS) brings to life real time hospital business practices. It challenges and empowers users to carry out their tasks in a highly organized manner, saving both time and other resources. 

In October 2020, a team was sent to the three hospitals to carry out visibility studies of the sites. The organization is now leveraging on the results of that effort to conduct the ongoing eleven days training and system deployment.

According to Hajj Abdul Nsubuga, the Project Manager for the Integrated Health Management Information System (iHMIS), the system roll out is pegged to the readiness of the health facility infrastructure, a key role that is being handled and supported by Ministry of Health and NITA-U.

Hajj Abdu further affirms that IICS Technologies is equipped with standby teams that carry out Change and Deployment as well as Systems Administration.

The Ministry of Health is scouting out, Jinja, Mubende and Lira general hospitals for the next round of deployment.