Billing Module introduced to the Integrated Hospital Management Information System

The Integrated Intelligent Computer Systems' software development team has made more modifications to the iHMIS. The addition of the billing module will support the management of financial transactions, which is one of the most critical functions at the hospitals.  

The module is appropriate for large & mid-sized hospitals and clinics, has been specially crafted to streamline financial operations, provide superior patient care, enhance administration & control and improve profitability.

iHMIS is currently used by Regional Referral Hospitals, and major leading hospitals in the private sector have picked interest in the system, owing to its efficiencies.

The billing module will help compose billing plans as well as invoice hospital clients. It will enable the facility to regulate an arrangement of non-standard payment and carry out bill collection.

According to the developers, the module is typically used at the accounting departments of large or mid-sized hospitals and small sized medical facilities.

It aims to streamline the billing process, decrease errors & administrative costs, and enhance the facility's cash flow.

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