Computers and ICTs are enablers of efficiency-President Yoweri Museveni

The President has commissioned the Regional ICT infrastructure and the E-Government Services, in Gulu at the event organized by NITA-U. While delivering his speech the president reiterated the incredible role ICTS play in the economic growth as enablers of other sectors and industries.  

IICS Technologies has remarkably made its contribution to this effect by designing and building an Integrated Hospital Management Information System (iHMIS), as an aid to drive Government’s E-services agenda. It also continues partnering with other Ministries, Departments and Agencies, Associations, Development partners and local communities, as a collective effort to develop “research based, sustainable and user-friendly software solutions for everyone everywhere

According to the President Government identified ICTs among the four priorities, others being a well calculated commercial agriculture, industrialization and services.

IICS Technologies participated in the exhibition being a representative of the Ministry of Health as an implementer of an e-health system-the iHMIS. The software is being hosted by NITA-U at the National Data Centre. The software that’s deployed and being utilized at the hospitals is supported by internet connectivity provided by NITA-U, a beneficiary of the Regional ICT Infrastructure.  

Dr. Silver Kiyimba, the Principal Investigator of the iHMIS, led his team of IT, software developers and project management that participated in the exhibition showcasing how the Regional Communication Infrastructure has been an enabler of the deployment and effective usage of the system.