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Public sector hospitals unlike their counterparts in the private sector, face very unique challenges. The IICS focuses on addressing the the unique challenges faced by the Public Health sector.

The IICS Hospital Management Information System is a collection of software components representing different business processes carried out in a health facility including components that support management functions both at local, district, and national level.



SchoolMate was innovated to produce efficient and effective management of the key functions of the school and providing meaningful support to employees in their daily activities and improve their performance.

The software manages data on students, staff, parent, finance, exams, curriculum, clinic, suppliers, leadership and discipline to mention a few.

Benefits of SchoolMate

  • Safe and secured data through end-to-end encryption
  • Efficient and effective record keeping of all vital information
  • Drastic reduction on cost of stationary (Over 80%)
  • Accurate and timely access to reliable information for decision making
  • A communication channel to stakeholders
  • There is absolute visibility and control of key functions
  • Integration of a single source of data
  • Improved communication with parents and suppliers

Offers under SchoolMate System

  1. Free installation
  2. Free User Training
  3. Free Trial for a maximum of 3(three) months
  4. Full time support
  5. Free Upgrade-Improvement of the software